Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council supports Recycle Week

Recycle Week takes place from October 17th – 23rd and Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council is encouraging all residents to make a difference through their recycling.

Now in its 19th year, the Recycle Week “Let’s Get Real” campaign will highlight why recycling is important in the battle against the climate emergency.


The Mayor, Councillor Ivor Wallace, said: “Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council is committed to making it easier for our residents to re-use and recycle so we’re pleased to partner with Recycle Now to answer any questions you have about effective recycling.

“We are very grateful to those who recognise the importance of recycling, and if we all do our bit we can contribute to positive change.

“This Recycle Week I would like to highlight our Live Smart initiative which aims to encourage all our residents, businesses and visitors to live more lightly on our planet by taking simple steps to protect our environment.”

On Thursday 20th October, Cloonavin will light up green as an important reminder about the importance of recycling, and if you would like to share your recycling themed images with us on social media please use #RecycleWeek.


Craig Stephens, Campaign Manager for Recycle Now said: “By recycling even better we can have a big impact on our environment.

“In Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council it’s no different – more and more people are recycling, so the next step is to make sure we get our recycling right.

So keep up the great work and let’s make our recycling better than ever before!”

This year’s campaign will focus on three common questions that many of us have when it comes to recycling: –

  • Does my recycling really make a difference?
  • One item in the bin can’t hurt, can it?
  • Recycling is so confusing, Isn’t it?

Recycle Now will be providing recycling information and insights to answer these questions and clarify that by recycling we really can make a difference. In fact, recycling in the UK saves 18 million tonnes of Co2 a year – all these factors reduce greenhouse gas emissions which lead to climate change.

By getting our recycling right we can also have an impact. One wrong item in the recycling bin from each of us can make whole lorry loads unrecyclable. Recycling doesn’t have to be confusing – that’s what the Recycling Locator is for! Just pop in your postcode to find out what you can recycle where you live.

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