Causeway Coast and Glens PCSP seeks to address confidence in policing.
Causeway Coast and Glens Policing and Community Safety Partnership is setting up a new working group as part of its efforts to address confidence in policing.
The issue was identified during the PCSP’s recent Action Planning, and the group will help to ensure a robust approach to a future consultation exercise.
Explaining the development, PCSP Chairperson Councillor Oliver McMullan said: “A number of members within the partnership have expressed concerns about confidence in policing, to the extent that indications show it’s at an all-time low in some areas.
“As Chairman, I find this worrying and it needs to be addressed immediately. A consultation will take place once this new Working Group for PCSP members has been set up.
“The group will come together to agree the aims and objectives of the consultation to ensure that we get the best results from this initiative. As Chair of the PCSP, I recognise the importance of public confidence in policing so that they can carry out their responsibilities and duties effectively.
“Without the public’s support, I would be concerned that the void could be filled by criminal elements which offer nothing for our communities.”
The last meeting of the PCSP heard that funding has been secured to take the initiative forward. The new working group will consider the oversight of the project, timescales and appropriate consultation methods to reach as broad an audience as possible.
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