A beautiful night for a sunset walk or scenic drive…
Well that’s what one male thought anyways. As Ballycastle Neighbourhood Policing Team patrolled the outskirts of Dervock, Ballycastle and the surrounding areas they sighted a car pulled up close to the forest in a lay-by.
The strange thing that caught our eye was that there was only one person in the car, and he was in the backseat. On turning our vehicle we pulled alongside this male, peeking into the car only to find him totally oblivious to our existence with his head buried into a laptop! It turned out he had driven out to the middle of nowhere, without WiFi, to play some popular video game on his laptop. Unfortunately for him a strong smell of cannabis wreaked from the car and it transpired he had also been smoking some cannabis whilst in his vehicle. This male then handed over a further bag of Cannabis to Police and was subsequently dealt with for possession.
The scary thing is, had this male not have been caught he could have driven home whilst unfit and crashed killing or injuring himself or someone else! Don’t be that person and don’t risk your life or anyone else’s!