New Brand Xenith Fitness Brings Quality, Strength & Innovation


As we come out of lockdown into summer, many people now see the importance of improving their health and fitness for the long term.

The good news is that many gyms and health clubs are reopening with the vaccination rollout, the future is starting to look bright for the industry.

To complement this, a team from Hutchinson Engineering have launched Xenith Fitness – designed and manufactured in Northern Ireland. All Xenith products are engineered for strength, built for heavy usage, and designed with functionality, aesthetics, and space in mind.

Xenith equipment is heavy-duty yet beautifully designed, with a vast array of attachments to ensure they are fit for the long term.

Mark Hutchinson, founder, Xenith Fitness comments “The launch of Xenith comes after months of research, prototypes and testing. We created a gym onsite to test and showcase the equipment to gym owners.

We are delighted with the response to date and look forward to
welcoming clubs, gym owners and fitness enthusiasts to our showroom.

Xenith is designed and manufactured in Northern Ireland, which allows us to give a rapid turnaround, tailored to each
customer’s requirements.

As a team we have all got fitter in the past year and are excited to be involved in such a dynamic market.”

Xenith will appeal most to those serious about training and who want to take their fitness to the next level. All training and weightlifting products are made from premium materials, sourced
from the best European mills, and fabricated by certified welders, giving you confidence in achieving your fitness and strength goals.

Xenith products also include a superior coating on all training equipment, making them aesthetically pleasing and easily cleaned. Xenith equipment can be personalised to your company branding and incorporated into your range of products to enhance your business.

If you’d like to learn why Xenith is the right choice for your facility, visit them at