The Orange Order’s grand secretary has said the organisation hopes to be able to hold annual parades on 12 July.

Mervyn Gibson said the order was preparing for three scenarios – a full Twelfth, a “localised” one and a “Twelfth at home”.

He said “signs are looking good” as the current restrictions are eased that there will be “some form of Twelfth of July” this summer.

‘Signs looking good’

Mr Gibson said he did not think the third scenario – celebrations at home – would happen, because “we’re too far down the road of getting out of lockdown and vaccination”.

He added: “Depending on what the health advice is, it’ll be one of the former two, but there will be parades, I believe, on the streets of Northern Ireland this year to celebrate the Twelfth.”

Mr Gibson said the Order intended to the chief medical officer, the health minister and the first minister.

“We haven’t spoken to them yet but the signs are looking good as things are eased,” he told BBC Radio Ulster’s Evening Extra programme.

“We haven’t taken a decision what that will look like.”