On 18th July, between our calls for service (999 and 101 calls) we attended Balintoy Harbour once again. Unfortunately for around 30 drivers it wasn’t an all pleasant sunny day. All of these drivers were issued with fixed penalty notices for a number of offences ranging from ‘parking within 15 metres of a junction’ and ‘obstructing a road with a motor vehicle.’ As well as this we were also trying to assist with the facilitation of a funeral which needed to get down to Balintoy Church.
Unfortunately we ran out of tickets after we emptied the third ticket book and we were diverted to another incident. Amongst ticketing these persons we also attended two Road Traffic Collisions which resulted in two arrests for Driving with Excess Alcohol in Breath/Unfit through Drink or Drugs, Domestic incidents, dealt with 3 missing people, rehomed a dog, stolen vehicles and much more.
Please remember when parking anywhere to think, “Am I parking safely, legally and can emergency services with vehicles such as fire appliances pass with ease?” If the answer is no…then don’t park!